D.O'B. Sound Pro is proud to announce the addition of Mojave Microphones! (VIDEO)

D.O'B. Sound Pro is proud to announce the addition of Mojave Microphones! (VIDEO)

By Derek O’Brien 9/26/17

When looking for the best microphones to add to our growing collection at D.O'B. Sound Pro, I called my old friend Dusty Wakeman. Over the years, I have seen Dusty play live and work with Lucinda Williams, Anne McCue, Jim Lauderdale, The “Sweethearts Of The Rodeo All Stars” who (among others) have included Keith Richards and Nora Jones. I have had the pleasure many times of talking shop with him at gigs, at his studio Mad Dog Studios in Burbank, CA and at D.O’B. Sound Studio when it was in Glendale, CA back when we were neighbors. He turned me on to the smooth silky sounds of Royer Ribbon Mics when he first became a rep. I have always trusted and admired his his ear with music / production esthetics. A great guy and accomplished Producer / Engineer / Bassist, Dusty is now the president of Mojave Audio (Microphones built by David Royer of Royer Labs).

I have been a fan of Mojave microphones ever since tracking drums at Mad Dog Studio back in 2006 with a pair of Neumann U67’s as overheads. One of them went out during the session and Dusty offered up a Mojave Condenser mic so we did a shoot-out and I ended up going with a pair of Mojave’s for overheads. They sounded great. These great and well-priced instrument / vocal microphones sound amazing in the studio. They have some nice live applications as well.

You can view the Mojave Audio microphones that we carry here:

Mojave Audio Microphones

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