DiGiCo S21 : Rewriting the Rule Book (VIDEO)

DiGiCo S21 : Rewriting the Rule Book (VIDEO)

You can purchase the S21 & other DiGiCo consoles here:
DiGiCo Consoles at dobsoundpro.com

"Rewriting the Rule Book. 48 flexi-channels, Equivalent of 46 buses and 96kHz with no processing limitations from day one."

For Live Sound, House of Worship, Theatre and Broadcast applications


Some of the great things about Steve McNeil are his in-depth knowledge of audio engineering, ability to teach/train engineers and his genuine love for what he does. His enthusiasm for all things audio and musical is infectious and makes for a fun and educational experience each time working or chatting with him. Many successful live sound engineers have moved up the ranks through the unofficial “McNeil School of Audio” and found their various niches and career paths with and thanks to Steve. From recording hit songs for Sublime to mixing many classic and contemporary hit artists live (too many names to drop here!), Steve stays humble and continues to hone and share his craft with others.

At Mambo Sound and Mac West, he runs a family business that includes actual family members and audio engineers/disciples; Zeke Luna, Rubin Santacruz, Jake McNeil, Wade Wilkinson, occasionally Derek O’Brien, Bill Lanham, Troy Choi and others.

I recently had the pleasure of working with Steve on a series of Pro Audio videos and capturing a sampling of his passion for the craft. The equipment he uses all has a very particular relevance to his work and is carefully chosen for what it can add to the experience. Here is what he had to say about DiGiCo :  


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