Stan DeWitt & Alex Vo Live Performance featuring Mojave Audio Microphones (VIDEO)

Stan DeWitt & Alex Vo Live Performance featuring Mojave Audio Microphones (VIDEO)

You can purchase Mojave Audio Microphones here:
Mojave Audio at

Since the mid 1990’s, David Royer's custom Mojave products have been used on a number of well-known recordings and have achieved legendary status among a small circle of high-end engineers. Mojave Audio Inc. was launched in 2005 to bring David’s condenser mic designs to the world.

What makes Mojave different?  A Mojave microphone’s journey begins and ends in Burbank, CA. US made Jensen transformers and NOS (new old stock) tubes are shipped offshore and mated to capsules and bodies, according to Royer‘s design specifications, at a highly respected factory that David has worked with for over 15 years. All Mojave microphones are constructed with respect to David’s unprecedented research and attention to electronic design and quality. After assembly, they are shipped back to Burbank for extensive QC inspections. Prior to packaging, every mic is burned in for 24 hours, tested and personally listened to by David.

Very few companies (and none in Mojave’s price range) invest so much in the audio components. The high quality Jensen transformers alone, cost more than many import mics. The NOS tubes are military spec. The FET’s are top quality and the resisters are custom made. At Mojave it’s a given that no sacrifices are made in the critical signal path electronics.

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