Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb Vintage Reverb Pedal

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Bring the sound of Abbey Road Studios' legendary echo chamber to your guitar rig with the Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb reverb pedal. This pedal doesn't simply model the reverb sound of that famous echo chamber — it features the same filtering options that engineers used to craft that iconic reverb sound. Use the Brilliance control to select one of three frequency points to boost or cut, the same frequencies targeted in that studio to craft iconic guitar tones. Even the Predelay times are technically accurate, ranging from 30ms (the natural pre-delay of that echo chamber) to 150ms (the delay from their tape machine). The Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb offers the flexibility you need for gigging, with a distinct sonic character that's steeped in rock 'n' roll history.

Based on Abbey Road Studio's famous echo chamber

Back in the golden age of recording, and before reverb effects processors were commonplace, studio engineers built chambers designed for great-sounding reverb. They'd place a speaker in the room, play tracks through it, and record the sound of the echo chamber. The sound of Abbey Road Studio's echo chambers can be heard on countless recordings by the Beatles, U2, Radiohead, Elton John, and many others.

Keeley Abbey Chamber Verb Pedal Features:

  • Reverb effects pedal based on the iconic sound of Abbey Road Studios' echo chamber
  • Filters your sound just as in EMI/Abbey Road Studios, with a 600Hz highpass filter and a 10k lowpass filter for tighter response
  • Brilliance control offers 3 frequency points (2.7kHz, 3.5kHz, or 10kHz) to cut or boost for fine-tuning the reverb effect
  • Predelay times range from 30ms to 150ms
  • Undeniably vintage tone, dense but won't overwhelm your tone



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