DVA MP2 Mini single Line Array Pack


(dB Technologies DVA-M2P Line Array Pack)


(4) DVA-M2P Passive Line Array Speakers,

(1) DVA-MS12 Flyable Active Subwoofer,

(1) DRK-m5 Heavy Duty Flybar, 

(1) 50' High Quality Speakon Cable,

(3) 3' High Quality Speakon Cables

(1) 50' High Quality XLR Cable



The DVA M2P features two 6,5" neodymium woofers, whose disposition and efficiency is extremely optimized thanks to a custom dual phase-plug. This technology significantly improves the mid-range efficiency of the speaker and, most of all, makes the horizontal coverage really homogeneous and consistent.

The two 1” drivers, finely tuned for the DVA M2P custom designed array horns, deliver a crystalline clear sound in high frequency, in order to provide the audience the same intelligibility of the DVA line array systems. It is possible to change the top end response (+ 3dB) through a switch located on the rear panel, in order to compensate the attenuation on high frequencies when using as long throw system.

The high quality reinforced Polypropylene enclosure, and the internal hardwearing anti-vibration structure, makes the DVA M2P box very tough and able to work as heavy-duty professional tools. These features, together with neodymium transducers, contribute to realize an exceptionally light, durable and powerful line array module. The choice of neodymium magnets ensures even more value to the module, as they are synonym of reliability, performance and lightness.

The DVA M2P features the same as the fast lock mechanics, which made the DVA MINI incredibly easy to assemble and rig, by completely removing pins and complex mechanics in favour of a quick-locking system. Even the single mechanic on the rear of the box is the same system to regulate the aiming of each module with the same accuracy of DVA MINI line arrays.

 The modules' mechanics are hidden behind the frontal panel, and the elegant curvature of the frontal hexagonal grille contributes to create a very nice looking system for any kind of fixed installation purposes or live music events where the system should be totally invisible.

The DVA M2P allows the same suspended or ground stack configurations, and shares all the accessories of the DVA MINI, ensuring the same versatility in permanent installations, live music and all those events that require medium-high sound pressures combined with limited weight and footprint.


This DVA MS12 subwoofer delivers an incredible SPL considering its very compact dimensions, and it can be easily used both flown and ground stacked.

The smart design of the feet allows the user to avoid the dull removal of the flying brackets: it is possible to remove the feet in few seconds and screw them again upside-down. In this way any contact between the flying brackets and the ground is avoided, as only the rubber feet will touch it. A practical X-over out can be used to feed signal straight to the line arrays modules, simplifying considerably the signal and power cabling.

DVA MS12 comes with the new generation of exclusive digital amplifiers Digipro G3, engineered by dBTechnologies and distinguished by an exceptionally lightweight design and a very remarkable efficiency. 

An integrated USB B-type port on the DVA MS12 amplifier allows the user to access the complete telemetry of the sub, monitoring the status of the speaker, including total playing hours, temperatures and performances reports. 


DRK-M5 - Flybar
Flybar for hanging up to 16x DVA Mini modules. Weight: 2.9 kg (6.39 lbs). 
Width 17.4 in
Depth 19.2 in
Height 3.3 in
Material Plastic, metal
AV Furniture
Type Mounting component
Mounting Components Suspending bar
Recommended Use Speaker(s)
Lockable Yes
Max Load Weight 882 lbs



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