dB Technologies DVX Series 12" Active Stage Monitor DVX DM 12 (Email for D.O'B. Sound Pro Price)


dB Technologies DVX Series 12" Active Stage Monitor DVX DM 12

(Email for D.O'B. Sound Pro Price)

  • High efficiency BiAmp design
  • Digipro® Class-D power amp technology
  • Powerful DSP
  • SMPS power supply with power factor correction
  • RCF Transducers
  • Rotatable high-frequency horn
  • Rigging Points
  • Low-profile design

    The DVX DM12 is an active bi-amped stage monitor. Powerful, assertive, and engineered for professional applications, it is the perfect choice for midsized to large stages.

    Featuring a discrete, unobtrusive design, the ultra low-profile enclosure sports a high-performance 12" RCF® neodymium woofer paired with a 1.4" RCF® neodymium compression driver and rotatable aluminum CD horn precision matched for on-stage monitoring. Unlike conventional multifunctional speakers, the DVX DM 12 is a pro-grade performer developed specifically for use as a floor monitor. Optimized to resist feedback even at extremely high levels, it delivers the true-to-nature response and dynamic balance that today’s artists demand. The integrated digipro® digital power amps deliver the requisite output. The switched-mode power supplies with PFC ensure touring rigs get all the juice they need to perform at their peak even when a venue’s mains power is weak and voltage is low. The onboard controller encompasses an active equalizer, active x-over including phase and time alignment, limiters, and switchable system presets that adapt the monitor’s performance to suit the given application.

    Made of rugged multiplex and coated with tough black lacquer, the cabinet sets up at two different angles. It is also equipped with a pole mount, enabling the DVX DM12 to be set on a tripod or speaker pole.
    Speaker Type: 2-Way Active Speaker 
    Frequency Response [-10dB]: 55 - 20.000 Hz
    Frequency Response [+/- 3dB]: 68 - 19.000 Hz
    Max SPL: 131 dB
    HF: 1.4 "
    Type HF: RCF Neodymium Compression Driver
    Voice Coil HF: Titanium 2.5 "
    Directivity: 40x90 °
    Horn: CD Horn, Aluminium
    Rotatable Horn: Yes
    LF: 12 "
    Type LF: RCF Neodymium
    Voice Coil LF: 3 "
    Amp Technology: digipro
    Amp Class: Class D
    HF Amp: 250 W/RMS
    LF Amp: 500 W/RMS
    Cooling: Convection 
    Signal Input: XLR fem, sym.
    Input Sensitivity [dBu]: -00 - max. -3 dBu
    Signal Output: XLR male, sym
    Power Socket: Powercon In/Out 
    Housing: Multiplex birch plywood
    Housing Design: Low Profile Multifunctional
    Color: Black
    Surface Texture: Textured acrylic lacquer
    Handles: 1x per side
    Pole Mount: 36mm
    Angles Up: 35, 55 °

    Front Grille: 1,5mm metal backed with acoustic foam rubber
    Rigging Points: 6x M8
    Width: 660 mm (26.4 in)
    Height: 305 mm (12.2 in)
    Depth: 378 mm (15.12 in)
    Weight: 17.5 kg (38.58 lbs)


    Retail Package Measurements & Shipping Weights

    Type Quantity Length (in) Width (in) Height (in) Weight (lb)
    EACH 1 26 15 12 38.5




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