Focusrite RedNet PCIeR Card (Email for D.O’B. Sound Pro Price)


(Email for D.O’B. Sound Pro Price) 

128x128 PC and Mac I/O

RedNet PCIeR is a dedicated 128x128 Dante audio interface for Mac and Windows PCs. Featuring a primary and secondary Ethernet port, RedNet PCIeR delivers high channel counts at very low latency with the utmost reliability. The 4x PCIe card operates with ASIO or Core Audio applications

RedNet PCIeR combines extremely low latency with network redundancy, offering the best possible system performance coupled with exceptional reliability. The card requires a standard 4x PCIe slot in a Windows or Mac computer and delivers up to 128 channels I/O with very low latency. Dual RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet connectors switch automatically according to network availability and link the audio computer to the rest of the Dante audio-over-IP network.

Focusrite RedNet PCIeR Card at a Glance:

  • High channel count and network redundancy
  • Dante networking technology
  • Superb audio quality

High channel count and network redundancy

The Focusrite RedNet PCIeR interface is your gateway to a staggering 128 channels of I/O (at 96kHz and below), all over one single RJ45 gigabit ethernet connection. A second Gigabit Ethernet connector is provided with automatic redundancy switching between the ports as dictated by network availability, and to link your audio computer to the rest of the network. No matter how large your sessions are, the RedNet PCIeR is ready to perform.

Dante networking technology

The Dante networking technology built into Focusrite's RedNet PCIeR interface allows you to create and control an entire network of devices right from your control room. Place the converters in your live room for convenience, then adjust settings from your mix position. In fact, the network can span your entire facility while maintaining localized control.

Superb audio quality

Focusrite's RedNet PCIeR interface gives you 128 inputs and outputs at industry-standard 96kHz sampling rates, with support for up to 24-bit/192kHz audio. Audio quality aside, Sweetwater knows that latency issues can ruin performances and make your life miserable. Regardless of the resolution and sample rate you work at, RedNet PCIeR delivers ultra-low-latency performance of under 3ms.

Focusrite RedNet PCIeR Card Features:

  • PCIeR interface for RedNet-series devices
  • Large track count and ultra-low latency
  • Dual RJ45 Ethernet ports for network redundancy
  • Dante technology gives you complete remote control over networked devices
  • Allows you to create and control a customized, networked facility
  • Works at all standard sample rates, from 44.1-192kHz
  • Under 3ms latency:
    • Round-trip, analog-to-analog latency through DAW with Focusrite RedNet A-D/D-A
  • Dual Ethernet ports for full network redundancy
  • 128 channels in x 128 channels out at 96kHz and below
  • 64 channels in x 64 channels out at 176.4kHz and 192kHz
  • Compatibility with any Dante network
  • Sample rate: up to 192kHz
  • Includes ASIO and Core Audio drivers
  • Thunderbolt PCIeR chassis compatibility



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