Rental Items

Audio Equipment (per Day)
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Wired Microphones, D.I.’s

Wired Microphone (Shure SM-57 or Shure SM-58) with stand and cable...$20

Wired Microphone 1 pair (Miktek C5MP) Small Diaphram Condensers
(Great for Drum Overheads, Piano, Acoustic Instruments)...$75

Wired Microphone (Miktek T-200 Kick Drum Mic) ...$20

D.I. mono channel (Radial Pro) ...$10

D.I. mono channel (Radial JDI) ...$10

D.I. mono channel (Radial Pro D2) ...$20


Wireless Microphones (Can not mix brands per system / location)

Shure QLXD4 (Handheld or Lav Mic) ...$60

Shure BLX24R (Handheld or Lav Mic) ...$60

Shure BLX1288/CLV (Handheld or Lav Mic) ...$60

Sennheiser Evolution EW 100 G4-835-S-A (Vocal Set) ...$60


Powered Speakers

JBL PRX 815W 15” Powered Speakers ...$50

RCF HD-32 12” Powered Speakers ...$70

dB Technologies B Hype 15” Powered Speakers ...$40

dB Tech Arena 15 15” Powered Speakers ...$70


Mixing Consoles

Allen and Heath Zed 6-FX 6 Ch Analog Mixer ...$25

Allen and Heath WZ 416:2 Mix Wizard 16 Ch mixing Console ...$125

Allen and Heath GL2400 ...$250

Allen and Heath QU-24 24 Ch Digital Mixing Console ...$300

Allen and Heath AH-AR-2412-BLK 24 ch Dig. Stage Box ...$100