Allen & Heath AH-M-ES-V2-A 64 X 64 EtherSound Card 48kHz (Email for D.O’B. Sound Pro Price)

by Allen & Heath

Allen & Heath AH-M-ES-V2-A 64 X 64 EtherSound Card 48kHz

(Email for D.O’B. Sound Pro Price)

EtherSound is a popular low latency industry networking standard supporting 64 channels of bi-directional audio over CAT5 cable. A growing number of third party ES equipped devices are becoming available for remote audio distribution, PC recording, speaker controllers, amplifiers and more. A single cable transports audio in both directions. The second socket allows further networking beyond the iLive. Note that 'IN' and 'OUT' refer to the direction of the audio master, not direction of audio. A control port provides access to the routing configuration within EtherSound and opens up many more networking possibilities.

The older EtherSound AVD card fitted to the original RAB module can be re-used in the newer RAB2 module using a card frame adapter available from Allen & Heath.

M-ES-V2 is one of several plug-in card options that may be fitted to the iLive Series.  It houses the Auvitran AVDM card to provide a multi channel digital audio network that can link iLive MixRacks and Surfaces, transport and split signals between systems and distribute audio around a venue using CAT5 cables.

Note 1   To fit to the iDR10 and iLive Surfaces, the Remote Audio 2 (RAB2) module is required.  Systems fitted with the earlier Remote Audio modules may be upgraded by replacing them with RAB2.

Note   M-ES-V2 is compatible with EtherSound built into the earlier iLive system Remote Audio modules. The older Auvitran AVD cards can be reused in the newer Remote Audio 2 (RAB2) modules by fitting them to a carrier frame kit, part number M-ES-V1-BASE. The AVD cards can not be used in the iDR-32 or 48 Port B slot. EtherSound is an industry standard, low latency digital audio networking system using off-the-shelf Ethernet components and invented by Digigram. It transports 64 channels of bi-directional audio over CAT5 cable. To find out more about setting up and using EtherSound refer to the Digigram and EtherSound web sites.

Cables  CAT5E cable up to 100m (330) may be used depending on cable type. Refer to the Digigram web site for approved cable types and their maximum tested lengths. We recommend you use tour grade cable fitted with locking RJ45 connectors.  Allen & Heath can supply an 80m drum of Neutrik EtherFlex cable fitted with EtherCon connectors, part number AH7000.

RX/TX  Both flash to indicate that the network is linked and active. ES CONTROL PORT  Use this port to connect a laptop running the Auvitran EtherSound Monitor application. This lets you check and set up the network routing and parameters. For standard operation with iLive it is not usually necessary to access these settings.  IN  and OUT  A single cable connects EtherSound between two devices.  Connect OUT of the master device to IN of the slave device. Do not connect two cables. IN and OUT relates to clock master, not audio in and out. The single cable carries both input and output signals (64 channels each way). Fitting the card 

Make sure the system is switched off.  Remove the 2 screws securing the blank panel over Port A (MixRack or Surface) or Port B (MixRack only).  Slide the M-ES-V2 card into the slot and press it firmly into the mating connector.  Secure the card in place using the 2 screws.  Power the system up.  The card is recognised by the system and its status displayed on the Surface screen Status page. Assigning the audio  Use the Surface or Editor OUTPUTS page to assign sources and destinations for the EtherSound channels.



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