Digico D2 series AES/EBU Output Card-4 Outputs (8 Ch.) w/ SRC - XLR (MOD-D2R-AES)


Expand Your D2-Rack

One of the best features of DiGiCo's D2-Rack is its flexible expandable I/O. In addition to its already ample connectivity, it includes two option card slots that supply up to 16 additional outputs, bringing the D2-Rack's total up to 32. The MOD-D2R-DAC is an 8-channel analog output card that occupies a single expansion slot on the D2-Rack. 

D2-Rack adds flexible I/O to your DiGiCo console

The DiGiCo D2-Rack is the easiest way to get audio to and from your S- or SD-Series console. Place the D2-Rack onstage, then run a single BNC or Cat 5e cable to your console — that's it! Beyond that, you can share the D2-Rack's I/O between two consoles via the stagebox's dual MADI ports. The D2-Rack supplies you with 24 microphone inputs, 24 switchable Mic/AES inputs, and 16 analog outputs. You also get two expansion slots that give you an additional 16 analog, AES, or Aviom outputs, for a total of 32. The D2-Rack is a great way to add flexible I/O to your DiGiCo digital console.


  • Expansion card for D2-Rack.
  • 8 AES digital outputs
  • XLR connectors.