PreSonus StudioLive Series 48x8x2 Active Integration Digital Mix System

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PreSonus StudioLive Series 48x8x2 Active Integration Digital Mix System

Best 48- and 64-channel digital mixer values.

You can price medium-format mixers until your search engine overheats and you'll discover that only our Mix Systems give you one-to-one, hands-on control of 48 or 64 channels for such a low price. No bank switching or layers. Plus more digital processing and effects than our competition, and the unique power of our StudioLive Software Suite.

Only with StudioLive.

When PreSonus designed StudioLive mixers, our goal was to combine the ease of a surface-driven analog workflow with the power of digital mixing. At a price that anybody could afford. The StudioLive 16.4.2 and 24.4.2 revolutionized modern mixing by combining a powerful, continuously bi-directional audio interface, massive DSP horsepower, and the flexibility to mix your show and monitors from anywhere in the venue. StudioLive AI Mix Systems build on this legacy, taking full advantage of the StudioLive cascading feature, adding even more processing, and a level of software integration only found in high-end touring consoles.

The Secret Power.

Only StudioLive AI-series mixers have a secret power: they can literally double in size in two easy steps:

STEP 1: Connect a FireWire 800 cable from on StudioLive AI mixer to the other.
STEP 2: Set the mixer on the left to Slave.

The ease of analog meets the power of digital.

When you're mixing a live event or have an artist in the studio, you need to work quickly. Unique to the StudioLive design is its familiar interface that keeps all critical controls visible and accessible ‐not buried in multiple layers, menus, or banks. Our design philosophy is simple: One fader for every channel, one output for every bus. This is the power of a surface driven workflow. But don't let the analog feel fool you, StudioLive mixers provide total recall and a unique soft-takeover feature that makes each fader reactivate the moment its position is recalled.
The future is Active Integration

StudioLive AI-series mixers start with all the strengths that made StudioLive mixers famous. Then we pushed the technology to the next level with Active Integration (AI). Each Active Integration component is designed to communicate with the entire networked system and provide a focused workflow for the task at hand. This allows you to use the device most suited for what you are doing, when you are doing it: Ring out monitors with your iPad while you're standing in front of them; dial in your musicians monitor mixes from stage with an iPhone and then hand it off for them to control; view the frequency content of channels and buses while you EQ them; and that's just the beginning

A gigantic console in a small package.

Individually, StudioLive AI mixers provide more DSP processing power than any other mixer in their class. Cascaded into a Mix System, you have double the power! There are no limitations or compromises, no shared resources, no figuring out what processing is available where. You have all of the processing available at ALL times. No compromises or caveats: a compressor, limiter, expander/gate, and fully parametric EQ on every Channel and Bus; four effects processors, each with their own dedicated mix bus; a 31-band graphic EQ on every aux mix plus the mains; and 500 ms of delay available to each of the four subgroups.

A Digital Console with Abundant Analog Connections

Take a look at back panel of a StudioLive AI-series mixer, and you'll find the robust analog connections you'd expect from an expensive analog mixer: separate balanced mic and line inputs and insert points on every channel; dedicated balanced outputs for every aux bus, subgroup, and the mains as well as a wealth of other dedicated inputs and outputs. Every input channel and bus send has its own dedicated jack so no sharing, no compromise
    • 64/48 input channels
    • Included Accessory Pack
    • 80 in x 66 out / 64 in x 50 out continuously bi-directional FireWire s800 audio interface (24-bit/44.1 kHz and 48 kHz)
    • 32/28 dedicated mix buses for easy configuration
    • 8 subgroup buses
    • 14/10 aux buses
    • 8 internal effects buses (four reverbs, four delay effects)
    • Stereo Main bus
    • Master Section
    • Fat Channel with rotary encoders
    • 4 internal digital effects-processors (2 reverbs, 2 delays), each with 50 customizable presets
    • 16/12 31-band graphic equalizers
    • Scene Store and Recall
    • Individual channel-strip setting storage
    • Lockout mode to keep inspired amateurs from changing your settings
    • Metering/Displays
    • Integrated software


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